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Scuf Gaming

Scuf Gaming is a controller coming specializing in Custom Xbox, PS3 and PC controllers, tuned for the needs of Pro Gamers.

Scuf Gaming is a controller company specializing in custom Xbox, PS3 and PC controllers, tuned for the needs of Pro Gamers.



Project details

  • Potential customers were confused on how they could order a customized controller.
  • The customizer had too many options, users couldn't see the changes they made, and it was several pages long.
  • It took upwards of 15 minutes to design a controller. About 90% of customers never ordered and abandoned the site.
  • Between ordering and receiving a controller, the communication between the customers and Scuf, was non existent.

Available tools

When I started on the project, I was in the process of redesigning the entire Scuf Gaming website & online store. They were gearing up for a new controller launch called the “Hybrid". The original site was built on Wordpress, and we decided to continue with that platform. Woo-commerce for the e-commerce solution, was an obvious choice at the time. It was easy to integrate into the rest of the site, easy to modify, and we had a talented programmer willing to attack everything we put in front of him head on.


289 Layers

The Scuf Customizer was created by using over 289 layers to convey a multitude of features, colors, and shipping options. All of this was visible on one controller background image, so the customer could experience what their future controller would look like. It now took just a few minutes to create a customers dream controller.


Customer communication

Once a customer purchased their controller package, they were kept in the loop about the process. Scuf technicians would update the order status and customers would receive a set of automated emails, informing them where their controller was in the process and how long it would be until they received it.



To reduce costs, we decided to use a sleeve over the same box and interior sections for all the various controller types. I designed the template for the packaging sleeve, using the existting assets.



With the customizer live, Scuf saw several 100k plus days in revenue. That was about 3x their top sales day at the time. Customer feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Customers loved being informed along their controllers journey. We also introduced accessory package up-sells at checkout. Around 35% of customers who purchased a custom controller also chose an accessory package.


Company: Scuf Gaming
Project: Xbox Controller Customizer
Role: Lead UX
Year: 2013