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Navdy - A Head Up Display for your car


Navdy is a head up display for your car, that allows drivers to look forward, while staying connected.



Project details

  • Create a series of videos to run over multiple devices to showcase the features on Navdy
  • Use existing designs of UI elements to tell a story
  • Write a script, and direct voice over actors
  • Work with engineers and Lead designer on the build to complete the display 

The Pod experience

The pod was a full scale, semi-interactive showcase for the Navdy display. Customers would enter from one side, sit down, and press 1 of 2 buttons. Button 1 would start the already playing Navdy commercial with audio. Button 2 would play the experience video that showed first person driving footage of the road, synced to UI animations on the Navdy display, with a narrator.

Background footage was recorded on the Conzelman loop, a scenic section of road, just west of the Golden Gate Bridge in the Marin Headlands. Alternately the UI was recorded in multiple sections, and most of it was done in after effects in order to have it play on time with the voice over.

I wrote the script, hired the voice actor, and was the point person in assembling all of the various components of the animation. The video was also to be updated with each new major release of the Navdy UI. Below is the current version playing in brick and mortar locations.


UI Animation

Most of the UI animations had to be made from scratch in after effects, as exporting the devices video, didn't always net the best results. A benefit to making it from scratch was having a higher resolution to work with. The Navdy projector is very low resolution, and this video was to be shown composited online as well.


Additional Credits

Internal team:
Pod Concept & Design - VP of Design - Jesse Madsen
Navdy UI experience - VP of UX - Brandon Lynne
Navdy UI experience - Senior Product Designer - Devon Frohne
Navdy UI experience - Senior Product Designer - David Gjeldum
Navdy Mobile UI - Matt Basham
Renderings - Industrial Designer - Patrick Mulcahy

External team:
Construction - Derek Chen and Amy Devers of Council Design
Electrical components - Pascal Wassam
Animated Car intro - Transparent house
Background plate driving footage - Sean Cope Pictures
Voice over - Chris Vallancourt


Project: Experience Pod
Company: Navdy
Role: Senior Product Designer (Video/Animation assets)
Year: 2017