Product Designer

Motion Examples

Navdy - Product release video - 2017

This was the third in a series of product release videos I made after we launched Navdy to the public. I recorded the background plates, wrote the script and recorded the voice over myself. With this video, the goal was to excite our current customer base into updating to the newest software, and inspire new customers with the features that navdy had. Navdy is a low resolution device and in order to keep high resolution visual polish, there was tons of sketch and after effects work involved as most of the UI on the Navdy had to be animated from scratch. This video was also being worked on while the product was being updated, so we needed to fill in the blanks where the product hadn't caught up yet.



Navdy - How to video series - 2017

Navdy was a very complicated product. Video lead the way on the education for users, with roughly 45 videos that we had created. Updating the display was a new concept for most users, and we made sure to focus on the more complex features first. With every new product release, we needed to make modifications to these videos, update them, write new copy and re-release to the support team. I created a set of templates in order to minimize the time to update. These videos served as a tool for the support team, and any user of Navdy. We eventually paired the videos down based on feedback from the support team and our users. It also helped us see where users were satisfied, and where they were confused. We brought that knowledge back to the drawing board and it helped guide us towards making decisions on the UX of the product.



Scuf Gaming - product release video - 2013

Scuf approached me to create a trailer / release video for their upcoming customized Xbox controller. The ask was only "we need a marketing video to help us launch our new controller". I came up with the concept, designed it, wrote the music, did all the motion graphics and editing.

Scuf Gaming


Pogoplug - product release video - 2010

Pogoplug's marketing team approached me with a need to create a product launch video for their newest lineup. It was to be featured on their main landing page, as a sales tool for pitching to retail stores, and as an in-store advertisement at brick and mortar locations. 



Astro studios / Intuit - product concept video - 2009


While at Astro Studios Intuit approached us to put together a series of internal future concepts to do with quickbooks. This is just one of the scenario examples, and my personal favorite. I worked with the project manager, and another designer to sketch all the characters. I assembled and cut the video, I also recorded the voice over myself, and aided in the script creation.