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I love design and see it as an integral part of telling stories while solving complex problems


I have spent the past 7 years focusing on the art of Flow and Rhythm. Helping to quickly find solutions to complex problems through a collaborative design process. I love working with teams that challenge me and one that I can have a positive impact on. I love asking the hard questions early in the process, pushing teams to make thoughtful decisions while maintaining the product vision.

I most recently worked on the UX Design team at Navdy, where we lead a modern and safe way to using your phone while driving. Navdy is a head up display for your car, with a mission to inspire drivers to Look Forward while staying connected. I worked with engineers to build software experiences across the Navdy HUD and mobile apps as well as tons of educational content for the end drivers. For the past 3 years I helped to bring the product to life from sketches and prototypes, to celebrating over 40million miles driven by Navdy drivers. My most recent responsibilty was to lead all video projects, including product launch videos and tutorials from concept to completion. 

It’s not often you get to work on a product like Navdy. The cohesive experience required multiple devices, a car and driver to work together in sync. It’s a tool you use to get where you are going while enjoying the ride. All this while staying connected to your social life, music, and apps that exist on your mobile device. The possibilities are endless and thats what kept me excited on a daily basis.

I spent a few weekends a month on road trips, where I would use Navdy for hours on end. At the end of the weekend I would sum up the journey in a note book, first pointing out all the places where Navdy excelled, and second where I thought something was missing, or needed improvement. Others on the team would do the same, and come Monday morning the team would discuss the problems, and come up with creative solutions.


I love design and see it as an integral part of telling stories while solving complex problems. As a multidisciplinary designer I stop at nothing to use every tool available to get the job done. Im constantly learning new ways of working, and simplifying my workflow while staying organized. Having a solid design process allows for quick iteration of content and getting testable designs quick. I enjoy working with multi disciplinary teams who have a communicative process and can’t wait to create the next big thing.

I spent almost 10 years in my earlier career on animations for television commercials. The way to tell a story in less then 30 seconds has stuck with me and continues to inspire me to this day. Some tools have changed over the past 16 years, while others have stayed exactly the same. When I reflect on those times, what I most learned is that It's what you do with the tools available that matters at the end of the day.

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